"Diet?! You don’t need to diet! You’re perfectly pretty as you are! And I really don’t want your prettiness to disappear by even one gram!”


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whats something you're excited for? — Anonymous

I’m excited for BTOBs comeback?

For real I am excited about the concerts I am going to coming up soon! I’m also kind of looking forward to seeing how my situation is going to change, since I am kind of in a limbo state right now. :] 

guys please talk to me? 

go to this tag if you have nothing to say! I would love to talk to you all!!

btob? — Anonymous

oh man.

  • Kiss: like just a peck? probably all of them? more than that.. Changsub and Hyunsik
  • Hug: all of them.
  • Marry: Changsub.
  • Live with: Hyunsik or Minhyuk maybe?
  • Be the little sister/brother to: Eunkwang probably.
  • Bring on a picnic: Peniel.
  • Take a romantic walk with: Hyunsik 
  • Keep as a friend: Peniel and Ilhoon
  • Hit a lot: Sungjae ^^
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to: Changsub, Hyunsik Peniel
  • Do anything for: more than likely all of them, or not enough of a difference to separate them out.

Put a kpop group in my ask box and I will tell you which member(s) I would:


  • Kiss:
  • Hug:
  • Marry:
  • Live with:
  • Be the little sister/brother to:
  • Bring on a picnic:
  • Take a romantic walk with:
  • Keep as a friend:
  • Hit a lot: 
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to:
  • Do anything for:

come on, send in groups! \(^o^)/





tightleatherpants can you stop being mean to me

how ??? how am i being mean to you

u called for me..

ellie my dad thirst is real and it won’t stop

who are we talking about

there are like 1000 different choices.

what a great time to be alive