you know what you’re doing…ಠ~ಠ

i’m the type of person that everyone leaves and forgets about. that’s just who i am. i’m nothing special. i’m not pretty or have an amazing personality. i’m easily forgettable. people find someone new and better than me and they go. they leave. 

Bye Bye Love

B2ST (Yoseob & Dongwoon) + BTOB (Changsub & Ilhoon)

When a Man Loves - Drama OST

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Bye Bye Love - B2ST (Yoseob & Dongwoon) + BTOB (Changsub & Ilhoon) [DL]

While Hyunsik’s singing, Changsub is…..

bored changseobie is cute ^u^

"From being the regular Changsub from BTOB, I change into the shy Changsub when I’m with you guys" - 이창섭


if this isn’t the most accurate description of btob ever then idk what is